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Take your customized EGG helmet to the ice rink

It’s freezing outside and that brings us one good thing: the wonder of ice-skating. It never ceases to be magical and children will spend their summer day’s remembering all the fun they had in their winter wonder land, better known as the ice rink. To not let anything get in the way of a splendid time it’s best to stay safe and wear an good helmet.

Helmet give-a-way by EGG Rider–Tobias van der Linden

Helmet give-a-way by EGG Rider–Tobias van der Linden

EGG Rider Tobias van der Linden came up with a great idea. Tobias as great as he is, don't want a helmet for himself but, he wanted to give away a signed helmet. He visited a lot of top BMX athletes from all over the world who were happy to help Tobias with his collection signatures.

We can tell you that it ended with an awesome collection of autographs. This is definitely a unique helmet that every BMX fanatic would love to add to his or her collection.