EGG Helmets


Now that you know EGG, meet the people that make
it happen.

EGG was spawned by a team of friends who are professionals in their fields of expertise and all have backgrounds in design and communications. They are also professional parents, all with young children entering the age of sports. But above all, they are professional kids, as they are very well in tune with their inner-child.

  • Rick keijzer

    Father of Day and Tygo

    Rick's creative mind is never at rest and the initial idea behind EGG helmets is a result of it. His optimistic approach to life helps him resolve problems without losing his signature smile.

    Extensive entrepreneurial experience in marketing and online development. Founding partner of Obsession Live Communications. Founding partner of GameXpo, the Dutch gaming exhibition. Founding partner of Just, an online communication agency.

    Rick keijzer
  • Charly Heusschen

    Father of Lila and Jack

    Charly is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get but you can always be sure it's going to be good. When not immersed in his passion for creativity and communication he is out playing soccer, tennis or dad. He lives according to his motto of work hard and play harder.

    Extensive experience in marketing, communications and advertising holding senior management positions in both Heineken International and Young & Rubicam.

    Charly Heusschen
  • Norbert Pollemans

    Father of Marcus and Valentijn

    As an avid surfer, snowboarder and skateboarder, Norbert finds his true self when sliding and gliding. His passion for action sports has introduced a unique insider's perspective in the development of the EGG helmet.

    Ample experience in marketing, communications, sales and commercial partnerships. PR and communications manager for O'Neill Europe and brand manager for Leaf.

    Norbert Pollemans
  • Lars dekker

    Father of Roxy and Storm

    As a top-notch industrial designer, Lars turned the EGG helmet dream into a reality. When not busy fine tuning ideas and designs on his laptop, he can be found in the water fine tuning his surfing style.

    Senior designer and project manager at Flex the Innovation Lab. Freelance designer for various high-level companies such as iOptics, Danone and Thyssen-Krups.

    Lars dekker