EGG Helmets


EGG helmets were created with a simple vision in mind: to make safety; comfortable, fun and stylish and to change "I need a helmet" into "I want a helmet".

With this vision they built a state-of-the-art universal helmet, featuring a customization system that holds all the safety aspects needed, while allowing you to easily change its appearance.

The premises for making such a helmet were clear:

The helmet had to be universal and suitable for the most popular and non-motorized snow,
street and water sports.
The helmet had to excel in safety and comfort but also had to be desirable.
The helmet had to fit like a glove regardless of the user's head shape.
The helmet had to have a simple system for personalizing it.

For this vision to become a reality, the helmet was developed from scratch by implementing new ideas and technology. The result is a highly advanced, super safe and flat-out cool helmet.