Hello, my name is EGG

Safety should be fun. 

EGG is a Dutch outdoor company from Amsterdam that develops, produces and distributes customizable multisport helmets and accessories for kids.

The innovative company was founded in 2010 by a couple of young fathers who, inspired by their inner child, saw that kids do not like helmets. Although they need them for safety purposes, they find helmets uncomfortable and unappealing. They were just not cool. The idea then dawned to create a helmet that would be fun, safe and comfortable and could be used for several sports. A cool helmet was born. With an impactful, simple and strong design

So a customization system was created so that the helmet can change appearance as easy as 1, 2, 3.

The helmet can be personalized through an easy system by choosing: 

 1. Helmet: size and color 
 2. Skin: personalise your helmet with your favourite design skin cover 
 3. Add on: top it off with the cool add-ons, rubber snap-on accessories 

EGG helmets were created with a simple vision in mind: to make safety comfortable, fun and stylish and to change “I need a helmet”, into “I want a helmet.

More than just a safety brand, EGG is determined to be a brand known for making functional products fun. It is the mission to shift the paradigm from helmets being a necessity to helmets as an accessory while maintaining premium and highest quality and safety standards, cutting-edge innovation and top design.

EGG helmets also excel in safety and comfort and comply with all safety standards for skiing, snowboarding, skateboarding and watersports.

The EGG helmets complies with

CE 1077 class b - snow sports 
CE 1078 - bike and skateboarding 
CE 1385 - watersports 


The EGG, just like an egg, is designed to protect its precious content – a human head, in the best way possible by combining strength, light weight and comfort.

An EGG is a positive symbol of life as new life forms within. It represents beginning and potential.
Human heads are the source of creation and imagination.

Everything that surrounds us in our human world originates from a thought, which spawned in someone’s head. Thus, what lies within the egg, is the starting point of creation and must be protected.

That meaning is packed into this simple three-lettered word: EGG.

The conversation revolves around fun, safety and comfort. Everybody is invited.
 Have fun!